Friday, October 17, 2008


I don't know how long I've been watching The Daily Show, but you'd think that at some point I'd have recognized Aasif Mandvi. We were in the same high school theater class. He was very funny even then. Me, not so much.


Gun rights, animal rights, smokers' rights, there is always someone who takes it a little bit too far. But at least now I know that us smokers are not just a bunch of wheezing addicts. We are a culture! And curtailing our right to smoke where we want is cultural genocide! Glad that's cleared up.

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Spencer said...

You went to school with that guy? Pretty cool stuff. I watch the Daily Show all the time and he's very funny on there.
Jon Stewart is becoming more and more powerful in the media so I can imagine more members of his staff will be getting TV shows and movie deals. He launched Stephen Colbert and the Brit guy on there, John Oliver, seems to be building a loyal fan base as well.