Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Things I don't know:

When did VH1 get funny? See Lord of the Phils (Video)

Who to vote for in the '07 election? I'm leaning towards Thony (More video, bad language)

What is the best way to get a divorce? I've been married to Symantec's Norton Antivirus for longer than I care to remember. But Norton's little quirks that used to be mildly annoying now just enrage me. And frankly, I think I've got a lot to offer the right antivirus software package. Recently, I've been getting signals from AVG, and I think a burning romance is in the making. Question is, do I just dump Norton with a complete uninstall and then fall into AVG's sweet arms? Or could I go ahead and start fooling around with AVG while my marriage is still registried to Norton?


Red A said...

Kaspersky is supposedly the best out there right now.

Amanda Jones said...


Would you be interested in talking with Symantec tech support? Is there a specific issue you are having that Symantec might be able to address with you?

I work with Symantec in public relations. Please contact me via email if you'd like to get in touch with someone at Symantec.

Amanda Jones

Anonymous said...

Norton? That bitch has been madly fucking up my life since we got hitched. First, every morning when I wake her up, she insists on calling Windows Install and then telling me she doesn't Repair. Three times! I'm always having to cancel for her. The same thing happens when I open a Word or Powerpoint doc. And the slut can't see trojans, so I'm overrun with them.

I've entered a 12 step program and I'm changing my orientation from Windows to Linux. I know that I won't be able to get married in many states, but at least I'll be able to be who I really am. After all, it is better to copulate than never.


Robin said...

I like Alwil's Avast anti-virus.

Anonymous said...

Be very careful that you have completely unistalled ALL of norton before using any other product. Perhaps the greatest of all norton evils is that it's very difficult to remove all traces, and running 2 anti-virus programs simultaneously will usually paralyze your operating system. Do not try a new one without getting rid of norton first.