Friday, June 17, 2005

From The Exile, A Moscow based alternative newspaper:
Mister Big Unplugged
"You know, what we should have done with all those brave Muslim volunteers who helped boot the Russkies out of Afghanistan was hold a big victory banquet in Kabul, thank them all for their contribution to Liberty:and then nuke the banquet hall. It sounds cold-blooded, but if you want to rule the world you have to do some stuff you won't want to tell your grandkids about."
Just talked to Cynthia on Yahoo Messenger. She is in Luang Prabang. So now I know something I did not know this morning: There is a town in Laos called Luang Prabang. Intitial reports on Laos are positive, but I'm still saving my next vacation for someplace like Tokyo or Sydney. Or maybe Manilla. Or if the heavens decide to grant me an opportunity to experience the subtle beauty of the 30(b)(6) deposition, then I might hit Tampa.


V said...

No use going to Tampa, the reunion was last weekend. Hear any gossip from it?

Robin said...

I'm imagining your company's counsel having a psychotic episode at the idea of you being deposed.

Karl said...

Robin, I was actually pretty tight at the fact depo. My only worry about a 30(b(6) is that I'll be expected to know stuff this time.

V., I haven't heard anything. You?