Friday, January 19, 2018

You know what I think?

I think all the Freedom High Schools (FHS) should have a competition to see which school actually has the most Freedom™.

First Round:
FHS Oakley, CA eliminates tardy slips 
FHS Orlando, FL allows students to bring food into classrooms. 
FHS Orlando wins!

FHS North Carolina allows students to opt out of Phys Ed forever
FHS Oklahoma eliminates dress codes
FHS Oklahoma wins!

FHS Orlando, FL allows students to smoke cigarettes on campus and in classrooms
FHS Tampa, FL allows students to create fight clubs 
FHS Tampa wins!

FHS New Mexico allows students to bear firearms on campus
FHS Pennsylvania allows students to use any controlled substance on school grounds. Needles can be bought at campus stationery shop. 
FHS Pennsylvania wins!

Final Round
FHS Tampa allows students to contest grades by challenging school administrators to a pistol duel
FHS Oklahoma allows for creation of student battle clans, which raid other schools to acquire supplies and new members.
FHS Oklahoma wins!

Freedom High School Oklahoma is declared the Freedomest of all!

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