Friday, February 03, 2012

Dear RICOH Aficio MP 3010 PCL 5e

You are an asshole. I fucking hate you. Eat shit and die in a slow-burning fire you loathesome cocksmeg.


Robin said...

We've another model from the same line in the office. POS

Levy said...

My feelings exactly about SFC1_09_0040_RICOH-Aficio-MP-C4000-PCL6. I see a trend.

Karl said...

I always thought that printer beatdown scene from the movie Office Space was some kind of humorous hyperbole. But now just the thought of this motherfucking printer makes my trigger finger itch.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, my HP Laserjet 1010 works just fine, except that HP decided they don't want to release a driver for it for Windows 7.

So, a perfectly find workhorse printer just sits there, and HP expects me to buy a new printer. No.

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