Sunday, April 27, 2003

That Chaon. What a Guy

1) All his major views, thoughts and writings are "inside the bottle", deep, insightful and intellectual. He is immune to brainwashing, mind control and propaganda.

2) In the areas of Head, Ears and Nose, he is above the crowd. He has been to 19 countries and speaks 2 languages. He can beat everyone at Fubar in Chess and Scrabble. Rather than pop culture and sports, he is focused on intoxicant, glabrous and Sapphic matters.

3) Travelers who have been to 100 countries have called him “the most atypical Mulleted male I’ve ever met”, when filling out the police reports.

4) His fans have called him a "Heron, Isipidation and Legume".

5) He has done things (of a serious nature) that hadn't been done before – started two websites that are the first of their kind, was the first to write a major Treatise on ErsatzNinjitsu, and the first to write a groundbreaking Ebook on why He Can Stop Posting Nonsense on Forumosa Anytime It's Just that He Doesn't Want to Yet.

6) Some have hailed his work as “the BEAST” of its kind.

7) His work has received endorsements and praises by prominent published figures in his imagination.

8) He has been interviewed in holding cells and featured in wanted posters for his reprobate works.

9) Skilled and talented in bitterness and sarcasm, and well read in Neal Stephenson, he has written great treatises debunking major arguments of The Filthy Irish and Ninja Apologists.

10) He has dated many beautiful females outside of his species and league by living “outside of traditional ideas of decency”.

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