Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bad to the Bone

Guess what I've been up to this week?

Hint 1
Hint 2
Hint 3
Hint 4


Steve Levy said...

That cannot be good. I am still at my symantec address. Not sure if you ever check your yahoo account.

felice said...


do you have a special contract to the bad news department?

hope it will be all ok.....
(do you ever check your facebook account??)

keep it to bad news as Catherine Tate does: -am I bovvered?-

really would get in touch with you again, I keep good contacts to Jim in Alishan - regards from him too...

Karl said...

Hey Felix,

I do check my Facebook account, but I usually don't check anything online on the weekends. I'll contact you later today.


Uzoman said...

Hey Karl,

All OK or what? Your hints are somewhat ominous. Hope all is OK. Let me know.

Karl said...

No problems yet, just a weird bony protrusion on my right shoulder that the doctors could not identify even after an X-ray. I'm hoping it grows into a demon horn, and that I get one on each shoulder.